Profile of Ms Arunima Addy Penn State University

Arunima Addy

Arunima Addy is a Master of Science student in the Department of Architecture at Penn State University, USA. She is currently working on her thesis on Cultural Memory of Banaras – a palimpsest of conflicting histories, traditions and religion. She is from Kolkata, India. Arunima completed her Bachelor of Architecture in 2014 (5-years professional degree course in Architecture) from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur (India) followed by professional practice in Architecture in Kolkata, India for four years before joining the Master's program in the United States.

General research interests

Arunima has her research interests in the relationship between the politics of religion and the construction of national identity. She looks at visual representations in the built environment to understand how through architectural establishments religion is being used as a political tool to frame an image of the nation.