Profile of Miss Annamaria Bagaini Sapienza University, Rome

Annamaria Bagaini

PhD candidate in Planning, Design, Technology of Architecture, at Sapienza University, Rome. Second year.

General research interests

Energy transition in Urban and Environmental Planning: connection and agreement between different sustainable development strategies to achieve a new vision of integration and valorisation of eco-energetic theme as boost of urban development in regeneration projects.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

PhD candidate

PhD Abstract

Under the thematic of sustainable urban development, my research focuses on, as we call, “built and historic city”, first to understand the link between ordinary urban planning (tools and policies) and environmental and energy sector-based planning. Second to take out lessons, best practise and/or problematics set by sustainable neighbourhood projects, to transfer them in ordinary urban management, which are able to enhance socio-energetic approach as boost for sustainable urban regeneration projects.