Profile of Mr Angel Burov University of Architecture Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG), Sofia

Angel Burov

M.Sc. in Urbanisme at the UACEG, Sofia.
Chief Assistant Professor at the Urban Planning Department, UACEG, Sofia from the autumn of 2008.
Occupation in various theoretical, ethical, analytical and conceptual educational modules at the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Urbanisme and also Architecture, Construction management and Geodesy.
Research experience in projects and activities supported by EU FPs, H2020, COST actions and other international and national funds and programmes.
Practical experience in urban planning and design consulting services.
Participation in various activities of NGOs and citizen action groups' - mostly in policy formulation and consultation and good practices implementation.

General research interests

Integrated Urban & Rural Planning, Environmental & Landscape Planning, Tourism & Recreational Planning, EIA & MIA, Urban Regeneration & Design, Non-motorized Mobility, Demand-responsive Transport, Urban Biodiversity & Agriculture, Community Empowerment, Intentional Communities

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Spatial Planning of Rural Peripheries of Bulgaria and Value Oriented Socio-Spatial Networks

PhD Abstract

The high quality of life in cities is based on interfering cultural, information and material flows. The resulting economies of scale and concentration of knowledge and capital occurs alongside an increasingly remote management and consumption of agro-environmental resources and socio-ecological unequal exchange. Peripheries become lifeless spaces without social reproductive forces and slimming cohesion. This reduces the autonomy of small and hard to reach communities and affects the internal networks and regional prosperity in a broad range. Integrated governance of peripheral rural areas on multiple levels is needed. The role of spatial planning of peripheral rural areas is crucial to support decisions in governance of change for resilience and sustainable regional development. The ability to strengthen communities and maintain viable urban network in outlying rural areas of Yuzhen Centralen region is examined through a critical look at the contents and procedures in spatial planning and the related monitoring and evaluation.

Latest deposited documents

The Natura 2000 Ecological Network - Accelerating the Public Debate and Revealing the Decision Making Process About Resource and Land Use image
The Natura 2000 Ecological Network - Accelerating the Public Debate and Revealing the Decision Making Process About Resource and Land Use (September 2008)

At geopolitical and geographic scale, Bulgaria’s national territory could be considered as a cultural and economic crossroad, at the same time...