Profile of Miss Ana Peric Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade

Ana Peric

Ana Peric obtained a PhD degree at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia, where she works as a teaching assistant at the Department of Urban Planning. The results of her research were published in a number of international papers, conferences and projects. Currently she is a post-doc researcher at the Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

General research interests

urban planning; methodology of urban research; collaboration in planning process; brownfield regeneration

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

PhD research: The Role of Urban Planning in the Process of Brownfield Regeneration; Post-doc research: Sustainable Land Use in Serbia - New National Capabilities for Effective Brownfield Regeneration

PhD Abstract

The thesis focused on exploring the role of urban planning in the process of brownfield regeneration, as one of the most complex sustainable land-use mechanisms. Since planning can be understood as the form of state intervention in the market, this research addressed the topic of planning approach to the process of brownfield regeneration. The essential quality of the dissertation is the specific methodological strategy employed in the research. Namely, the purpose of the theoretical research was to identify the conceptual model of stakeholders' collaboration in the process of brownfield regeneration, which was then examined through several case studies (both developed and post-socialist countries within the Danube macro-region). The research has two main contributions. The first group of results is related to the development of theoretical and methodological approach for the formulation of the brownfield regeneration principles. Apart from that, the conceptual model represents the evaluation mechanisms of different approaches to the process of brownfield regeneration. The second group of results is practical and refers to European experiences, as well as to brownfield regeneration in Serbia. More precisely, the contribution of the research refers to the elucidation of spatial planning decision-making in the specific institutional context − in developed, as well as post-socialist countries. Special contribution of the research is seen in the initiative to actually redefine the character of urban planning in the domain of brownfield regeneration in Serbia.