Profile of Mrs Ana Miret Garcia Heriot Watt University

Ana Miret Garcia

Doctoral Researcher (PhD Candidate) at I-SPHERE, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
M.Arch ETSAM, Madrid
MSc Urban Geography UCM, Madrid

General research interests

Urban Design, Public Space Design. Creativity in Design Processes. Civic Participation in Urban Design. Innovative strategies for public facilities and public space design.

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title


PhD Abstract

My research explores the role of streets in contemporary residential neighbourhoods. It, particularly, aim to examine the flourishing of street and neighbourhood vitality in new residential areas, and the role that vitality plays in resident’s everyday life.
I understand street vitality as a goal to achieve by urban design through the concentration of diverse people and activities (Jacobs 1961, Montgomery 1998). But contemporary city life in the Western countries is increasingly being organized through homogeneous, enclosed and private networks (Sennett 1974, Carmona 2010) and therefore neighborhood streets are losing their traditional purpose as social spaces of necessarily passing-through and of casual encounters between everyday activities.
In this context, my work will explore the case of a specific residential typology in which certain design preconditions for street vitality (such as mixed use provision or compactness) have been considered. I will develop a new definition of urban and street vitality which will incorporate three different perspectives. Firstly, the point of view of professionals which have been involved in the planning, design and implementation processes; secondly, the point of view of local entrepreneurs; finally, the experience of local residents in their everyday life.