Profile of Miss Alessia Denise Università IUAV

Alessia Denise

Born in Catania in 1980, I'm graduated at the College of Engineering of the University of Catania, discussing a thesis titled “Stories, interpretation, action: an reconstruction experience of the spatial meaning processes in Moncada unit of Librino”.
Since 2008, I'm part of the LABPEAT-Laboratory for the Ecological and Environmental Design of Territory of the University of Catania; a Participatory Action-Research group committed in promoting community-led development in Eastern Sicily.
Since January 2010, Phd student in Regional Planning and Public Policy at the School of Doctorate Studies, IUAV Univesity of Venice.

General research interests

Interests and Questions: research and understanding of the interaction dynamics between: criminal-mafioso “government” system, State institutions, communities and territory; and fall of these interactions on the transformation dynamics of territory; what does mean to talk about Participatory Planning where the term “Democracy” meets difficulties to be correctly declined? what opportunities to “use” this understanding to support both paths of community-led development and public decision processes? And so: to re-think practices, policies and tools that explicitly assume a contrast action to the “mafiogeno social system”.