Profile of Mr Alazar G KTH - Royal Institution of Technology

Alazar G

PhD student at the department of Urban Planning and Built Environment

General research interests

- Housing - social and economic considerations
- Infrastructure planning - entrepreneurship involved in financing and development of Infrastructures; Infrastructure-systems studies
- Place identity: city-marketing
- GIS applications in planning

PhD/Postdoctoral Research Title

Socio-Spatial Tensions and Interactions in Condominium Housings: Case of Addis Ababa

PhD Abstract

Like many other countries Ethiopia has tried to solve the problem of housing shortage during the process of rapid urbanisation through the modernist provider model, i.e. strong public sector involvement in a centralised production of ready-made minimum-standard units for anonymous residents. The paper analyzes the social and functional performance of ‘Low-cost Condominium Housing’ of Addis Ababa. Attempts will be made to find out how different activities and social functions are supported, or are made difficult by the spatial organization and the quality of space.Main research methods are observation of use of spaces, walk-through evaluations, and key-person interviews.