Profile of Mr Adebayo Oluwaseun Educampus South Africa/Blue Label Real Estate Solutions

Adebayo Oluwaseun

My Name is adebayo oluwaseun k, i am 31 years of age , i am currently studying at edu campus south africa also working with blue label real estate solutions in johannesburg south africa. i am single not married.

General research interests

Globally challenge with real estate solutions firm.

In today's fast-changing world, the myriad challenges facing the real estate industry grow more and more complex. Specific areas of activity such as real estate development, management, financing and ownership structures – especially the growing influence of REITs and REIT-related structures carry with them specialized bodies of knowledge as well as unique concerns.

PhD Abstract

How has the housing bust and accompanying recession impacted the mobility of homeowners? Are divestitures always a smart move for companies? Can multinationals create a fact-based case for the real economic impact of their investment in different countries? Professors Joseph Gyourko, Emilie Feldman and Ethan Kapstein, respectively, examined these issues -- and what they mean for business and consumers -- in recent research papers.

The South African housing market has been wobbly for several years, but it has shown some signs of perking up in recent months. The latest reports, however, indicate a setback, with median home prices dropping slightly and sales well below the already depressed levels of 2009. Yet a combination of low mortgage rates and apparent home-price bargains should still be drawing some buyers into the market. real estate professor Susan M. Wachter about the housing market's slow recovery, the prospect of another sharp dip in prices, the effect of foreclosures on the economy, and what it will take to get the market back on track?