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[BLOG] Civil society initiative for user-generated urban development processes: equal partners in post-industrial cities?

Cities in diverse contexts experience increasing civil society engagement through neighbourhood-scale, informal and citizen-based interventions. Local expertise provides civil society initiatives with a notable advantage over professional planners and offers the possibility to become place-makers – and ultimately urban planners – themselves.

[BLOG] 5th World Planning Schools Conference – Opportunities for Planning Students

The 5th World Planning Schools Conference and the 16th Asian Planning Schools Association Congress WPSC-APSA 2022 are being held in Bali, Indonesia from 29 August to 2 September 2022.

In conjunction with WPSC-APSA, two opportunities for planning students (both PhD and professional) will be held on this conference: The International Students Competition and the International PhD Colloquium.

[BLOG] Shrinking Villages jeopardising Himalayan future

The recently released IPCC Sixth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2022 (AR6) echoes the growing concern of risks from climate change as a precursor to numerous hazards. The sixth assessment report’s firm conclusion of “Climate Change is happening” is not a misnomer to the global leaders or millions of people living close to climate-induced hazards. The report stresses that highly vulnerable people and ecosystems residing in high altitude areas are at increased risk due to changing climatic conditions. The sixth assessment report, Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation & Vulnerability, has again stressed the complexity of the relationship between human activities and their co-existence with nature.