Call for candidates to the Coordination Team of AESOP YA

Call for candidates to the Coordination Team of AESOP YA image
Being part of the YA Coordination Team was in many aspects a unique and great experience. If one would have told me two years ago how much I would learn, I would never have believed this. In my first year, I organized the YA conference in Ghent 2016 and found out how difficult, but much more how interesting it is to organize an academic conference. As chair of the YA in my second year and in this role being part of the AESOP Exco, I experienced how an international association is lead and how diverse our field of planning is. During the last years I have met hundreds of people, from PhD students to senior academics from all around the world. This is in my opinion what is central to the YA network: getting to know each other and try to collaborate and achieve great things. Last two years were an amazing adventure and I am deeply sad to leave this wonderful YA Coordination Team– Nadia, Simone, Dana, Mo, Anais, Aoife, thank you all so much. And my final message to you, YA member: take the chance to become part of the Coordination Team and I guarantee you that in a few years, you will be able to write a similar text about all the things you experienced in a same way as I and all others have experienced. Thanks all of the YA members; in the end the network is all about you. 
Karel Van den Berghe, Ghent University

The call for candidates to the Coordination Team of the AESOP Young Academics Network opens May 5th, 2017!

The AESOP YA Network is an AESOP working group in particular addressed at planners who have only recently entered the academic world: PhD students, postdocs, people starting in academic positions. The activities of the AESOP YA network are complementary to other activities that are being deployed within AESOP as a whole. 

The Coordination Team (CT) holds the managerial powers of the Young Academics Network. The mandatory period of the member of the Coordination Team is two years. In May-June 2017 three new members of the CT will be elected. They will replace stepping down members of the CT: Karel Van den Berghe, Dana Shevah and Mohamed Saleh. Karel will move to the position of the Senior Advisor. 

Please remember: Only members of the AESOP Young Academics Network can stand for the election to the Coordination Team.


If you are interested in becoming part of the coordination team you will need to apply as candidate through the Youg Academic website (with a statement of motivation aimed at the broader network) as well as to send an expression of interest to composed of:

  • A motivation letter with a programme for your mandate (max 400 words);

  • Your CV.

Deadline for application is May 11th, 2017 at 12.00 o'clock UTC.


The online election of the new members of the Coordination Team of the Young Academics Network will take place on May 15th - June 4th, 2017 via the Young Academics Network website. Only members of the AESOP Young Academics Network are eligible to vote.

The results of the election will be announced by the AESOP Secretary General on the AESOP website around mid June 2017. We are pushing AESOP to act as fast as possible regarding this matter.

AESOP community strongly encourages young colleagues to get involved in the activities of the Young Academics Network and stand for the election. 

AESOP Young Academics network membership registration is frozen from 4th May 2017 until the 4th June 2017.


The YA CT team 2016-2017!