Introducing the new editorial board of the YA blog

Introducing the new editorial board of the YA blog image
We are happy to announce a great news for the YA blog.

Lorenzo Chelleri has just joined the editorial team. Lorenzo, who has been a regular contributor to the blog in the last months, will bring in his experience with the Urban Resilience Research Network he is among the founders of.
Lorenzo is currently Postdoctoral research fellow at GSSI, Urban Unit. He is a multidisciplinary researcher, PhD (2012) in urban geography from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, European MSc in environmental planning and policy and Bachelor in urban planning. His researches focus around the interplay between urban sustainability and resilience, with particular emphasis on the cross scales and multiple trade-offs embedded within long term transitions.

Lorenzo will join the team composed of Simone Tulumello (University of Lisbon) and Mohammed Saleh (University of Groningen).
This is part of the efforts of the YAs to extend the management of projects beyond the Coordination Team.

We want to tank Nadia Caruso (Politecnico di Torino) who has been in the editorial team since the birth of the blog, for her invaluable contribution.