2016 CoPED summer school, Simeto valley, Sicily, Italy

2016 CoPED summer school, Simeto valley, Sicily, Italy image
  • March 28, 2016
Are you a graduate student with a background in Planning, Anthropology, Rural development, Historic Preservation, or Social Sciences, with a significant interest in “ecological” community development. Are you interested in being involved in a participatory action-research experience? Joining CoPED will allow you to be part of an interdisciplinary action-research team that, for 10 days, will collaborate with the Simeto community (in Eastern Sicily, Italy) whose engaged in a process aimed at the revitalization and the ecological restoration of an area in between the historic city of Paternò and the Simeto River Bed.  
This event is promoted by a long-term community-university partnership, an ongoing collaboration between the University of Memphis, UMASS Boston, and the Simeto Community, within the framework of an internationally renowned community development plan for the Simeto Valley, called the “SIMETO RIVER AGREEMENT”. It gives the occasion to work with researchers and activists who have been working in the Simeto Valley for almost 10 years.
The school offers 4 scholarship for non-UofM and non-UMASS students, which cover all the daily activities (teaching services and materials, facilities, lunches and coffee breaks with local products). 
Scholarships do not cover lodging and dinners, but participants can requests very special deals with local structures.
To be selected, send an updated CV and a letter of intent to no later that May 5th, 2016. All the applicants will be notified the results of the selection process no later than May 15th, 2016. The official language of the school is english, but we welcome Italian-speaking applicants.
Scientific committee
Prof. Kenneth Reardon, UMass Boston
Dr. Katherine Lambert-Pennington, University of Memphis
Dr. Antonio Raciti, University of Memphis
Dr. Laura Saija, University of Memphis
Arch. Salvo Ferlito, Macroarchitecturedesign