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Assistant Professor in Sustainable urban development

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, KTH Architecture and Built Environment

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is the largest and oldest technical university in Sweden. No less than one-third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity at university level is provided by KTH. Education and research spans from natural sciences to all branches of engineering and includes Architecture, Industrial Management and Urban Planning. There are a total of 12,400 full year students at first and second levels, almost 1,900 active (at least 50 per cent) research students and 5,100 employees.

KTH Architecture and Built Environment focuses on future of our societies, on how our cities, buildings and infrastructure should be designed. We study growth, technology and environment, as well as ethical considerations and risks. Our curriculum and our research are based on several academic disciplines: Engineering and the Technical sciences, the Humanities, and the Social sciences.

KTH is strengthening its research on a global scale. We are currently looking to recruit 13 Assistant Professors, whom we will offer the opportunity to develop both their research and their teaching. These recruitments are a part of a larger effort and will be conducted within broad areas, ranging from Mathematics and Bioelectronics to Sustainable Urban Development and Process Engineering. The new Assistant Professors will receive a four-year starting grant, and permanent base funding if they qualify as Associate Professors. For more information about the recruitment initiative, see the following web page.

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Subject field

Sustainable urban development

Subject description

The subject field is broad and aiming to understand, explain and enable broad societal transformation for sustainable urban development. Technological, ecological, environmental, social, cultural, historical, economical, ethical and political dimensions should be integrated and complex forms of co-operation, governance and competition should be considered. The subject field entails analysis of what sustainable urban development has been, what it can be and how it can be realised.


Employment duties include research, teaching, research supervision and a certain amount of administration. Administration and teaching will comprise a maximum of 25% of the total duties.

The Assistant Professor will be given opportunities to develop independent research and gain the prerequisite skills for other academic positions with higher requirements for appointment (in accordance with Chapter 4, Section 12 a of the Higher Education Ordinance). Following appointment, the Assistant Professor may apply to be examined for promotion to Associate Professor.


A person is eligible for appointment if they have attained a PhD degree or have the equivalent academic expertise. Persons should have attained a PhD degree or have acquired the equivalent expertise no more than seven years before the end of the application period. (Chapter 4, Section 12 a of the Higher Education Ordinance.)

Grounds of assessment

It is of special importance to consider the applicant's long-term development potential to independently redefine his or her research area and establish independent research activities.

Research expertise is of special importance in the assessment and can be demonstrated through international publications. Significant importance is attached to the applicant's ability to establish and develop cooperation within different fields in research and education. Ability to collaborate with society at large and to disseminate information regarding research and development work is of significant importance.

Strong qualifications regarding pedagogy and research supervision are of importance.

It is desirable that a person who is appointed as Assistant Professor at KTH has experience from research environments other than KTH, equivalent to a post-doctoral period or doctoral degree from another institution. In more practice-oriented fields, experience from other organisations can be equally valuable as a traditional post-doctoral residency at another university.

In addition, the level of skill with regard to developing and leading activities and personnel shall be taken into consideration. This includes knowledge concerning matters of diversity and equal treatment, with particular focus on equality.

Special grounds of assessment for promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

When assessing applications for promotion to Associate Professor, the applicant's ability to independently initiate and carry out research of high academic quality, published in international publications, and the applicant's ability to obtain financing for research operations will be assessed. One special ground for assessment is the applicant's ability to independently establish new collaborations and research specialisations. Special consideration will be shown to demonstrated teaching and supervising expertise and the ability to establish and develop cooperation between different research areas within the academy and with society at large.


Disclaimer: In case of discrepancy between the Swedish original and the English translation of the job announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

Trade union representatives

You'll find contact information to trade union representatives at KTH:s webbpage.


Your application should follow KTH´s CV template for employment of teachers. You are the main responsible to ensure that the application is complete according to the ad and CV template. Your complete application must be received at KTH no later than the last day of application. Log into KTH's recruitment system in order to apply to this position.


The subject field is broad but the position will be placed at one of the following three departments: the Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering, the Department of Urban Planning and Environment or the Department of Philosophy and History. The assistant professor selects her/his placement at one of the departments. The aim is to increase cooperation within urban sustainable development at the ABE school.

Time limitation: The appointment is for an indefinite term, but no more than four years, and may be extended if, due to the teacher’s absence due to sick leave, parental leave or other special grounds, more time is required to reach the objectives of the appointment. However, the total appointment period may not exceed six years. The appointment is part of the Tenure Track system at KTH and the Assistant Professor may apply for promotion to tenured Associate Professor.

We firmly decline all contact with staffing and recruitment agencies and job ad salespersons.

Type of employment:

Temporary position longer than 6 months

Working hours:

Full time

First day of employment:

As soon as possible


Monthly pay

Number of positions:


Working hours:





Stockholms län



Reference number:

A 2015-0211


  1. Fredrik Gröndahl, Sustainable Development, Environ, mental Science and Engineering, +46 8 790 61 58
  2. Hans Westlund, Urban Planning and Environment , +46 8 790 92 42
  3. Nina Wormbs, Philosophy and History , +46 8 790 85 83
  4. Jenny Wiklund, Officer, application questions, Phone: +46 8 790 69 38/ email:


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