SKOPJE CREATIVE HUB 2014 - new content in public space

SKOPJE CREATIVE HUB 2014 - new content in  public space image
SKOPJE CREATIVE HUB (SCH2014) is an initiative for activating public space
through workshops, public discussions and parallel program. Five workshop
groups are led by pairs of local and international young creative professionals,
each consisted of 10-15 international, cross-disciplinary group of students. The
students, together with the tutors will design, test and build urban interventions.
For the discussions we invited thinkers, activists and theorists who will
address relevant urban issues and provide a critical discourse that is of benefit
to both the workshop groups and the citizens of Skopje. Local citizen initiatives,
individuals and institutions will complete the parallel program with a
series of performances, one day actions, theater plays and exhibitions that will
create a highly visible and dynamic atmosphere. SCH2014 as an active public
space in itself! All results will be published in an interactive-web-platform
and a book that will create a database for further collaborations.