Walking tour Differences and Connections: Beyond Universal Theories in Planning, Urban, and Heritage Studies

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Walking tour:  “The many sides of Palermo: from Borgo Vecchio (Factory) to the renewed Cala”

March 23, 15:45. Meeting point: piazza Ruggero Settimo (in front of Politeama theatre)

Organized by PUSH (

The tour will start from the core of the bourgeois Palermo and move towards Borgo Vecchio, a historic district where PUSH and the association Per Esempio are carrying out the project of social promotion Borgo Vecchio Factory (more info below).

After Borgo Vecchio, the tour will explore the border between the city centre and the port, reach the historic centre, the Vucciria neighbourhood and the recently renewed Cala, the ancient port of Palermo.

Duration, about 2,5 hours.

PUSH is a research laboratory that studies urban dynamics and develops concrete actions to trigger a systemic changing. It develops creative and technologic solutions for social innovation. PUSH creates, lunches and sustains projects and ideas for urban and social regeneration through a holistic, multidisciplinary and cross-channel approach.

BORGO VECCHIO FACTORY ( is a creative painting workshop for kids. Borgo Vecchio is a historical area in Palermo, where most of the families live in poverty. Unemployment reaches 40% and access to education is extremely low. The neighbourhood is hit by social unrest, due to an absence of public services and high crime rates. BORGO VECCHIO FACTORY was started in 2012 by the organisations Arteca onlus and Per Esempio onlus, and was originally called Frequenza 200. In partnership with street artist Ema Jons, 20 children and teenagers were engaged in afterschool creative workshops. The drawings and paintings produced in these workshops were used to decorate buildings in the neighbourhood. This initiative has stimulated the entire community to reflect on their neighbourhood. To see it from a different perspective. To revalue it. And learn to love it. By creating a public art piece like this, people can influence their surroundings, become aware of their own potential, and build their self-esteem.  The main gaol of BORGO VECCHIO FACTORY was to run the project for another 6 months through a crowd funding campaign hosted by Indiegogo.  Starting in October 2014, thanks to the support of worldwide benefactors, BORGO VECCHIO FACTORY reached in few weeks its goal of 5,000 Euros and at the end of the campaign scored more than 8,000. The activities have started in November 2014 engaging new families and new areas in Palermo. This project has the potential to become a great example of citizen-led urban regeneration.

Photo: Mauro Filippi, PUSH
Photo: Mauro Filippi, PUSH