Workshop 10th YA Conference 2016 Ghent

10th YA Conference 2016 Ghent image
The workshop will be held on the fourth day of the conference. The subject of the workshop will be to learn and discuss intensively on the supra-local collaboration between the city of Ghent and the province of East-Flanders, supported by the Ghent University. Based on your own experience and monitored by the different keynote speakers, track chairs and the conference organisation, we will encourage active contribution and ideas to be shared.

The workshop will deal with the challenge of how to deal with a predicted demographic growth of 150.000 inhabitants for Ghent and its surrounding municipalities. 


1. Metropolitan governance, regional planning and planning cultures
Given a complex institutional setting (many different municipalities, no metropolitan policy level), how to realize a good and fair distribution of these new inhabitants across the project area?

2. Strategic planning by public and private actors, urban and rural development
How to make an economic success story of this demographic growth?

3. Environmental governance, energy and resilience
How to use this demographic growth as an opportunity to realize a more environmentally sustainable society?

4. Social and political justice, power relations, urban conflict
How to create an inclusive, stable and fair society, following the influx of 150.000 new citizens?