Thematic Groups

The AESOP YA Network aims to foster connections between up and coming academics and more established planning professionals. These linkages are supported through the participation of Young Academics within the thematic groups estalished and run under the broader AESOP umbrella. 

AESOP's current thematic groups include:
1. Planning and Complexity 
2. New technologies and Planning
3. Planning, Law and Property Rights
4. Transboundary Spaces, Policy Diffusion, Planning Cultures
5. Urban Design in Planning 
6. Transportation Planning and Policy
7. Ethics, values and planning 
8. Resilience and Risk Mitigation Strategies
9. French and British Planning Studies
10. Evaluation in Planning 
11. Monitoring of the European Lanscape Convention
12. Sustainable Food Planning
13. Public Spaces and Urban Cultures
14. Planning/Conflict

All of AESOP's thematic groups are open to young academics and participation is encouraged on all levels. In order to connect with a thematic group coordinator simply visit AESOP's Thematic Groups website section for further information!