(May 2011) Who does it? Who pays for it? Why?

Who does it? Who pays for it? Why? image

The research focuses on the financial aspects of public action - studied in the field of urban policies - in a phase of evolving institutional settings, toward privatization and decentralization.  Within this frame, the research focuses on the local government - municipal level - and investigates how is it changing the way "financial resources" are made available for urban transformation and which are the outcomes on the way of conceptualizing public action.  The  thesis will be developed through the analysis of an emerging form of financing urban tranformation, in the social housing sector. The analysis  assumes  the  concept  of  the  "fair  exchange"  defined  by  Fausto  Curti  in  the homonym text (Curti 2006), in which, beside the need to guarantee the conditions for the private activation  it  is  stressed  the  importance  of  assuring  both  the  collective  impact  and/or  the sustainability of the public involvement.  This paper presents the structure of the research project.