Event paper Deposited for Communication & Planning, in Abstract submission

(October 2011) Smart-grids in urban scales

Smart-grids in urban scales image

On the one hand, there is an increasing interest in reducing energy consumption and promoting utilization of energy efficient methods in all sectors of economy. On the other hand, there is a huge demand in reconfiguration and retrofitting our existing energy grids which are not performing accurately and have various disadvantages.

Additionally, the technology improvements in recent decades and usage of smart phones, smart cars, smart devices and many more smart technologies, dictate the need for smart automated systems in electricity criteria as well as other aspects of urban life which will bring a lot of future socio-economic and environmental outcomes.

As the energy production, distribution and consumption in local level is complicated, "comprehensive modeling" is defined in this research as a solution to assess the techno-economic impacts of adopting Smart-grids and applying them in the considered context.

Therefore, the aim of this research is to analyze the energy issues by two distinct approaches of top-down and bottom-up, introduce Smart-grids as an innovative method to cope with defeats of the current system and to provide a simulated model using mathematical algorithms for future grids in a conceptual model and at the end, to apply the technique on two other selected case studies within the international context to test the accuracy of the designed model.