(June 2011) Public participation and Czech planning culture and tools

Public participation and Czech planning culture and tools image

Although there is almost 20 years long history of testing participatory approaches in urban design and planning in Czech Republic, the theoretickal understanding stays very shallow. The theory in Czech language is expanded translations of American and British texts. It means it is optimized for different planning culture and is not compatible with some of the Czech planning tools. Also it is focused on simple step-by-step methodological guides and sourcebooks without deeper understanding of the relation between planning culture and planning processes and tools.

The goal of the research is to identify specifics of the Czech planning culture in relation to public participation and prepare basic methodology of participatory process for projects and plans of different type and scale. The metodology is based on literature review focused on conceptualization and creating and evaluating the participatory process. Case studies will be used to get practical experience as a base for proposing participative methods for typical Czech planning tools.