Event paper Deposited for Communication & Planning, in Abstract submission

(February 2012) City and care

City and care image

The research focus is on care practices that have place in  urban spaces. Care practices concern the whole universe of actions addressed to children and elderly people that in a certain period of time need help from others, most of all female relatives. This theme is closely connected with issues regarding urban livability, welfare spaces and policies, quality and accessibility of public spaces and gender issues. The importance of this theme is underlined by a series contemporary phenomena, such as the growing aging of population, the decrease of fertility rates, and, from the point of view of the public action, the erosion of welfare policies. The aim of the research is understanding the key urban factors that can improve the quality of life of care givers and care users and, especially looking on the Italian context, what are the policies implemented and what are the results and the  possibility of improvement. For reaching this aim, the research is composed by a reference framework, that leaves on the background some gender and women issues, that are often overlapped with care themes, and focus on welfare policies  and their  relation with urban spaces and the practices that there are held. In addition to the reference frame, there is a case study that is focused on a administrative division of the Rome Council (Municipio 11), that is very active in social and urban policies, comparing with other part of the city.


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