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International, Peer-reviewed, Open access 

plaNext––Next Generation Planning is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality and original research. plaNext is an online open access journal managed and published by AESOP’s Young Academics Network. The fundamental approach taken by plaNext is to provide prospective authors an opportunity to engage their ideas in international planning debates as well as make their research available to the wider planning audience.

plaNext thus invites authors to submit original materials that include 

  • Empirical research
  • Theoretical discussions and building
  • Innovative methodologies
  • Case studies
  • Book reviews on selected books, textbooks, or specific topics dealing within planning.

plaNext is published on the AESOP publishing platform (click for more information). Contact:


Open access

plaNext journal is published bi-annually online through AESOP online publishing platform. All manuscripts published in plaNext are published "open access". Open access publication means that the article is freely and permanently available on the digital platform. Published manuscripts are thus freely and permanently available to the general public for comments and discussions.

At present, plaNext has been awarded funding from the Association of European Schools of Planning and there is therefore currently no fee levied on authors to publish with plaNext. There are also no subscription fees, article pay-to-view fee or any other form of access fee and no publication embargo is applied.