Keynote Speakers

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Marco Cremaschi
, an expert in Urban Policies, is a full professor of Planning and the director of the Master in Urban Planning and Design at the Urban School, SciencesPo, Paris. He received a Marie Curie Fellowships in 1996 and a Fulbright grant in 2003. His research insists on a comparative approach to large urban projects in cities from different countries. Of late, he has been working on a few major projects dealing with the changing spatial organization of European cities and their consequent impacts on urban policies: the presence of immigrants in small Italian municipalities. He published or edited 12 books, and several papers on housing, urban planning, and the European Union programs for cities. Among the latest: (2016: dir.), Rapporto sulle città, Metropoli attraverso la crisi, il Mulino, Bologna; (2015: co-dir.), Métropoles et régions, entre concurrences et complémentarités. Regards croisés France, Italie, Planum; (2019) “Practical Plans: Refugees, Spatial design, and a Workshop of Planning”, Transactions of the Association of European Schools of Planning, 3; (2019) Tracing Rights on the Ground: Spatial Controversies around Urban Development Projects, Ardeth, A magazine on the power of the project. 4, Spring 2019.

Closing debate:

Dr. Barend Wind (1989) is assistant professor socio-spatial planning at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. His research focuses on socio-spatial inequalities produced by market forces and policy interventions. Furthermore, he uses spatial justice theories to develop collective solutions that counter urban inequalities. Part of his research activities focus on (post-)war cities, and the role of planning in the production of a new social order. Barend Wind holds a PhD in sociology, obtained from Tilburg University, the Netherlands, researching housing wealth inequalities in Europe. Besides his academic work, Barend Wind is employed at a non-profit housing association in Amsterdam (de Key), providing affordable homes to young adults.