Young Academics Elections

Young Academics Elections :: 2012

September 17, 2012 12:00:00 AM CEST to September 30, 2012 12:00:00 AM CEST

Young Academics Network – Elections 2012

Dear Young Academics, colleagues and friends!
We are looking back to a very productive year for the Young Academic Network, starting with the YA Meeting in Reading, the PhD Workshop in Izmir and the contribution of YA to the silver jubilee of AESOP during the annual Conference in Ankara 2012.

This is indeed a great deal of activity, and we have plans to continue these and expand it in the coming years. To further strengthen and expand the Network we look for three new, enthusiastic members to join our Coordination Team! Coordination Team members are holding responsibilities for different tasks including management of website contents, communication with members, thematic group coordination, event organizations, elections, publications, etc. Moreover, CT members are expected to meet up sometimes in order to suggest new activities or to redefine the existing ones. We are looking for new people to join our enthusiastic team to ensure the YA network continues to grow and provide new exciting opportunities for all of us.

Being a Member of our Coordination Team offers you a variety of personal benefits such as being an active part of AESOP, one of the hugest planning associations in Europe, having the opportunity to get in contact with well known planning scholars from around the world and last but not the least it enriches your CV. But this benefits shall not be the only driving forces for your candidacy: being a Member of the CT means also having an ongoing responsibility, being a team player and having working times which do not know weekends or vacation  However we can promise you that the shared pleasure within this work outrange the efforts!

How to become a Candidate:

If you feel that you are one of these people, then now is the time for candidacy for the YA Network elections!

  1. Preparation for the candidacy:
    You have to elaborate a profile on your person which includes a short description of your personal professional background and – more important - your interests in the various activities of the YA as well and a description of what you hope to bring to your post, and any suggestions for new and existing YA activities and how you wish to implement them through your participation in the CT. All CT members’ universities should be AESOP member.
  2. Upload your profile: on the Candidates enrolment page ( till the 16th of September, 2012, 12 pm.
  3. After this period the election via the YA Webpage starts from the 17th till the 30th of September 2012

The voting process:

Note: Membership registration is frozen from 17th September 2012 until the end of the election period!

If you feel you would not have the time to be a member of the YA CT, do not forget to express your will through voting in the election. That solely will ensure that the team continues to enjoy the full support of the network.

Once the voting period begins (17th – 30th September 2012) the 'Browse Candidates' menu on the YA Webpage ( will change to 'Browse/Vote Candidates'. You will then be able to visit the website and register your vote with the candidate of your preference

No information is stored on the voting preferences of YA members, which ensures the privacy of member voters. Only information on whether a member has voted is stored in order to avoid double-voting.

Results of the election

The results of the procedure will be announced to the YA and the ExCo on the beginning of October 2012 by AESOP Secretary General.

The election is supervised by the AESOP Secretary General who is the only person with access to the administration module of the Elections page. Neither existing CT members nor any other YA member has access or can in any way intervene in the election process.

No information is stored on the voting preferences of YA members, which ensures the privacy of member voters. Only information on whether a member has voted is stored in order to avoid double-voting.

Questions or problems?

Please contact us ( or
We are looking forward to our new members!

Best wishes and good luck
Your YA Coordination Team