Series C - Conversations in Planning Practice

Contact Editor:

Dr. Lauren Ugur: International School of Management, Frankfurt Germany; Chair of AESOP Young Academics and AESOP ExCo representative

ubject line: Attention Lauren Ugur, Series C

Series C Description and structure

This element of the joint AESOP/YA booklet series “Conversations with Planners” is particularly interested in the practice of planning and follows the mantra “place matters”.

Accordingly, it aims to discuss planning projects and case studies through conversations with influential planners in practice. In elaborating the experiences of influential planning practices, focus is placed on the institutional design through which spatial interventions have taken place, exploring the practicalities, societal and physical impacts of the respective project(s). Furthermore, it considers the involved actors, both governmental and non-governmental, and seeks to explore the impact of planning policy and local contextual specificities on the realisation of interventions.

This series thus reflects on relevant issues for contemporary development and the role that planning fulfils in practice, covering a broad range of topics including the provision of housing, basic services and infrastructures and engaging with empirical experiences of inclusive development, civic engagement and the promotion of well-being and sustainability. Furthermore, a core objective of this series is to question the role of planning theory in the realisation of planning interventions, something that is developed through the planner’s theoretical approach, adopted views or counter theoretical position.

Consequently, this series provides an arena for Young Academics (YA) and Professional Planners (PP) to interact, discuss and write about the development of planning practice.

The structure of series C thus constitutes two main scripts per topic. In the first, the YA author(s), in collaboration with an elected planning professional introduces the planner’s contribution to planning practice and highlights a particular project/case study in which the respective PP has played a fundamental role. In the second script, the authors are expected to develop an argument through reflections of other governmental and non-governmental actors involved in these projects. Theoretical reflections that have underpinned the particular project/case study’s development and realisation are to form part of the overall booklet’s discussion. Essentially, this series establishes an interactive reading that reflects on the planning debate, through the work of nominated planning practitioners who have significantly influenced the practice of planning.

Works in progress

forthcoming 2015 - Louis Albrechts in conversation with Kristian Olesen


1. Call for series C proposals initiated by YAs and/or PPs

This call invites young academics, PhD students, post-docs and early career researchers to submit proposals for a series C booklet in collaboration with a planning professional with whom they wish to work, exploring a proposed project/case study as per the guidelines for this series detailed above.

This call is open and descriptive proposals of 1-2 pages should be submitted for consideration to the series editor, Dr. Lauren Ugur.

2. Call for young academics as first authors

This call targets young academics, PhD students, post-docs and early career researchers who wish to take up the role of first author for conversations in planning practice with one of the following renowned planning professionals who have indicated their willingness and enthusiasm to contribute to series C:

- Interested professionals will be listed here soon so please check back regularly! 


Guidelines for YA Authors (first author)

The YA author is expected to: -

-        Read through the projects and planner’s biography/ resume;

-        Develop the first script, approx. 10.000 words;

-        Arrange, conduct and record interviews with the relevant PP and others involved so as to allow for reflection on the initial script, which details the case study/project;

-        Develop a final script in co-operation with the PP’s reflections and other interviews to develop a final script of approx. another 10.000 words, which critically reflects on the implementation and institutional              design of the respective case drawing on the input from the PP and other interviews.

Guidelines for PP Authors

The PP is expected to: -

-        Provide a brief biography/ CV/ resume

-        Provide a list of the project(s) biography: actors, policies, decisions, events, etc.

-        Reflect on the theoretical background that he/she adopted/developed or questioned and which informed their practice approach