Series B - Conversations in Planning Theory

Contact Editor:

Dr. Chandrima Mukhopadhyay: CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India

ubject line: Attention Chandrima Mukhopadhya, Series B

Series B Description and structure

This series presents conversations with influential planners (PP) in theory to reflect on the path of their career and discuss how they inspired and addressed the development of planning theory. It aims to provide an introduction to their theories and ideas: what and how they contributed to the field of planning; what and who influenced the development of these theories; and how this implicated/ reflected on planning debate in theory and/ or practice and focuses on their contribution to academic literature. At the same time, it considers significant people and events that have influenced the evolution of the PP’s ideas and themes.

Accordingly, this series provides an arena for Young Academics (YA) and Professional Planners (PP) to interact, discuss and write about the development of planning theory. The YA has the opportunity for an in-depth insight about the planning debate through the work and ideas of influential PP. And the PP has the chance to re-approach and reflect on the development of their career and theory. The structure of this series thus constitutes two scripts per topic. In the first script, YA authors in collaboration with PP – the topic of series – introduces the planner contribution to theory and reflects on their relevant biography. The second script(s) thus develops a reflective debate on the storyline of the PP in relation to the wider planning debate. This is developed through interviews with significant people in PP’s life, as well as other planners who influenced and/or are interested in the developed debate by this particular PP. Finally, PP reflects on the developed script but more importantly on their theory and career in general. Accordingly, this series establishes an interactive reading that reflects on the planning debate in theory and practices, through the works of nominated planning theoreticians.

Series B Works in progress 

forthcoming 2015:
-        Andreas Faludi (Delft University, NL) - Author: Chandrima Mukhopadhyay (Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; CEPT University, India)

-        Judith Innes (UC Berkley, USA) - Author: Leonard Machler (University of British Columbia, Canada) and Dan Miltz (University of Illinois Chicago, USA)

-        Peter Hall (UCL, UK) - Author: Chia-Li Chen (UCL, UK)

  -      Ananya Roy (UC Berkley, USA) - Author: Sara Hinkley, Jennifer Tucker, Lana Salman (UC Berkley, USA) and Enrique Silva (Boston University, USA) -       John Friedmann (UBC, Canada) - Author: Vrushti        
         Mawani (UBC, Canada)

 -       Susan Fainstein (Harvard University, Graduate School of Design) - Author: Cuz Potter (Korea University Graduate School of International Studies), Sai Balakrishnan (Columbia Law School)


forthcoming 2016:

-       Leonie Sandercock (UBC, Canada) - Author: Erfan Aftab (UBC, Canada)

-       Patsy Healey (Newcastle University, UK) – Author: Mona Abdelwahab (University of Groningen, NL; Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Cairo)

-        Jean Hillier (RMIT University, Australia) - Author: Diana Maccallum (Curtin University, Australia)

Guidelines for YA Authors (first author)

The YA is expected to: -

-          Read through the literature/ CV of the PP;

-          Develop initial script, approx. 10.000 words’;

-          Arrange, conduct and record interviews with PP and others to reflect on the initial script;

-          Develop final script in co-operation with PP reflections, and other interviews to develop approx. another 10.000 words

Guidelines for PP Authors

The PP is expected to: -

-          Provide a brief biography/ CV/ resume

-          Assist the YA with a short list of main academic writing that establish crucial/ shift points in the development of their theory

-          Assist the YA with a list of significant people/ events that helped shaping her/ his career

-          Kindly read through the final script as introduced by YA and reflect on both script and the path of their career


1. Series B currently has an open call for YA authors who would like to collaborate with one of the following renowned academics who have already demonstrated their willingness to contribute to Conversations in Planning Theory:

- Vanessa Watson
- Michael Batty
- Maarten Hajer
- Norm Krumholz

If you are interested in pursuing one of the above-mentioned projects as part of this series please contact the series editor, Dr. Chandrima Mukhopadhyay directly. 

2. YA authors who are interested in contributing to series B with an academic not listed above are welcome to put forward a proposal to the series editor.