Conversations in Planning 

A Joint Collaboration between AESOP and the Young Academics Network

‘Conversations in Planning is a collaborative e-publication series in planning between YA (Young Academics network) and AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning). These YA-AESOP publications aim to document a series of conversations between scholars about theories, ideas, concepts and practices that matter in planning, in an inviting and explanatory way that allows the reader to easily engage with the discussion. Accordingly, they target academics and professionals, as well as undergraduate scholars in planning. Furthermore, the booklets are carefully put together and peer-reviewed in a manner that helps to elaborate on the essence of the conversation in discussion.

These booklet series thus serve multiple purposes:

i. The series initiates an essential library containing issues, discussions, arguments and proposals relevant to the discipline. Simultaneously, this is the first product to appear on AESOP’s digital platform ‘In-Planning’, which facilitates the dissemination of this library with everyone and at minimal cost;

ii. The production and publication of these booklets help to bring AESOP and its YA network closer through shared activities and objectives;

iii. At the same time, this collaboration introduces an interactive platform between early career researchers and Professional Planners (PP). YAs are keen to explore, learn and digest, and senior academics are willing to share and to guide; this initiative encourages both the groups to jointly push the debates further. This platform thus gives young academics the chance to develop their intellectual and academic skills through interaction with senior academics and/or practitioners.

‘Conversations in Planning’ constitutes three series:

Series A Exploring foundations for planning theory: a series of short booklets which introduces debates, ideas, and critical theories developed by thinkers outside planning (e.g. philosophy) and influenced the development of the planning theory and practice

Series B Exploring abstractions within the planning debate: a series of short booklets which presents conversations with influential planners in theory who inspired the theoretical development in planning

Series C Conversations in planning practice - "Place Matters": a series of short booklets which focus on planning projects/ case studies through conversations with influential planners in practice who inspired the field through their focus on practice 

eries D People and participation in planning practice - "People Matters": currently under development! 

Series editors:
Series A, B and C are all currently looking for engaged young academics to act as editor/co-editors, in order to expant the Conversations in Planning project. Please contact the current Editor in Chief Dr. Mona Abdelwahab ( for further information. 


YA Authors:
Series A, B and C are continuously looking for motivated Young Academics to work with leading scholars in developing Conversations in Planning - simply click on the series you are interested in above for further information!