About YA

The AESOP Young Academics Network is a loosely structured branch of AESOP, which encourages the active participation and exchange of academic work. From PhD students to Post-docs and those starting out in academic positions, the YA Network provides a platform through which the academic leaders of tomorrow can share ideas in an open and inclusive environment, challenging and supporting one another in the attainment of superior academic output.

Core Aims

YA Coordination Team

The YA Coordination Team (CT) is an elected body of 6 members, including the out-going Chair who acts as the senior advisor to the YA CT for an additional year so as to ensure continuity within the team.

CT members contribute to the organisational and management functions of the YA for a total period of 2 years. Each year elections are held and new members are voted onto the CT through a democratic election process. One CT member, elected from within the CT, adopts the role as the YA Executive Officer (Chair) and thus represents the interests and development of the YA Network on the executive board of its parent body, AESOP. 

The current (2016-2017) YA Chair and ExCo Representative is Drs. Karel Van den Berghe.
Former YA Chair (2015-2016) Dr. Nadia Caruso acts as senior advisor to the YA Coordination Team  

YA CT elections are held on an annual basis during the month of May. The next YA election will thus be held in May 2017. 

Coordination Team Members

Dana Shevah

Dana Shevah
Technion- Israel Institution of Technology


Former chairs of the YA

Roelof Verhage – (2003-2004)

Nikos Karadimitriou (2004-2005)

Richard J. Nunes (2005-2006)

Giancarlo Cotella (2006-2007)

Beatrix Haselberger (2007-2008)

Vojtěch Novotný (2008-2009)

Ceren Sezer (2009-2010)

Antonio Raciti (2010-2012)

Verena Peer (2012-2013)

Lauren Ugur (2013 – 2015)

Nadia Caruso (2015-2016)

Karel Van den Berghe (2016-2017)